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Motor Group

Since fall, Vivian has been going to a motor group twice a month.  It incorporates occupational and physical therapy with the early intervention program.  Motor group did not start off very well.  She was much more interested in exploring the classroom and trying to plot her escape than interacting with her teachers and peers.  Group time pretty much consisted of myself and/or Becca trying our hardest to get her to sit still and participate.  Although baby girl can’t talk, her crawling to the door and banging loudly to let her out was clearly telling us she didn’t want to be there.

Over time she has done much better.  We got her to sit with us while we sing and act out the opening song “the more we get together”, instead of her screaming as soon as the music starts, trying to kick and push her way out of our laps.  She still doesn’t fully participate in all the activities, but every class she improves.

This past Friday they wanted the kids to all sit on the green row of squares on the carpet for the song. We got Vivi to sit down, then the music started. I watched in amazement as she sat still, on her little square. Add to that, she starts trying to move her hands in circles as the music starts. Then the CD skips, she claps because it’s over and off she goes. Take #2 for the CD and I am in awe of her once again. Here was my baby girl, sitting by herself, moving her arms, pointing, “dancing” to this song, just as we had been teaching her the last 6 months. This was huge. I’m crying as I’m typing this, just as I did on Friday. I had a big, sappy mommy moment where I was overwhelmed with how far she’d come and how well she was doing that I had to leave the room to cry. At least it was a good cry!! I definitely count this as a triumph, as simple as it is for most children, it was not easy for Vivian to get there. Way to go, baby girl!

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I consider myself especially lucky.  I have not one, but two wonderful moms.  One by blood, one by marriage.

I tell them I love them all the time.  I thank them for all they do.  I ask them for help when I need it.  I laugh with them.  I cry with them.  I am incredibly blessed to have them in my life.

I believe family is the key to it all.  Not just moms, but especially moms.  It scares me to think of what my life and Vivian’s life would be like without them.

How lucky is Vivi that each week, on Mondays she gets to see her Grandma and Wednesdays she gets to see her Grammy.  I know she looks forward to her coffee with Grandma and her long walks with Grammy.  I love to see and hear all the laughs being shared, the wonderful memories being made.

Words can’t express how much you both mean to me – thank you for all you do for us.  I love you and Happy Mother’s Day (a few days late, in typical Gina fashion).

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