Happy 4th Birthday!

Dear Baby Girl,
Today you turn four years old!  I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.  Seriously – you’re almost 4 feet tall – slow down a little!  You are of course what I am thankful for today.

Every day I wish that life was easier for you.  Every day I wonder what your future holds and I try to do whatever I can to make it better.  Every day you continue to amaze me, fill my heart with love, and complete my life.

There is a good reason I call you “Little Miss”.  You’ve developed such a personality without having to say a word.  You know how to get what you want, you understand what your daddy and I say to you and you know how to push our buttons!  We are constantly amazed at how stubborn you are, but so happy that you have this characteristic.

On the flip side, you have one of the sweetest souls ever.  Whenever you’re in a shopping cart I can’t stop hugging you because you’re so adorable.  You sit there with a big smile on your face and wave to everyone.  Some people don’t wave back and I apologize for them.  I tell you that hopefully they would have if they had seen you.  You reach out and try to touch almost everyone, with the gentlest of hands.  Most people don’t mind, and many stop to talk to you.  You’re especially fond of waiters and waitresses (your daddy tells them you’re trained to steal tips).  You’ve brought smiles to so many people’s faces, without saying a word.  Hopefully soon you will start to greet people by saying “Hi”, since we heard you say that for the first time yesterday!
You’ve come so far in the past four years and everyone is so proud of you.  Please keep it up!  You’ve taken some steps by yourself recently, so I know walking is just around the corner.  Great things will come in time, little one.

I love you, Vivian.

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