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Before and After

I am grateful for everything that has happened in the last few weeks.  It was the worst thing to see Vivian in so much pain, but I know that she will benefit in the long run.  She’s done so well, but has so far to go.

I wanted to post before and after pictures – this will show how miraculous modern medicine is.  Before, her curve was at 52%, including a rotation.  After, an accurate measurement will be taken within 6 weeks post-op, but you can see the obvious improvement.


When we were in the pre-op area, the Anesthetist said that this was one of the most painful surgeries that is performed on children.  I’m glad I did not know this beforehand, as it would have added to my already high anxiety level.  Luckily, I was able to walk back with her to the operating room.  I was with her until she fell asleep, then almost 5 hours later myself and Dave were able to see her back in the operating room, while we waited for a PICU room to be available.  The thing I wanted to see most in this operating room (besides Vivi) was Dr. Ain’s step stool, which I was able to get a photo of.  What an amazing man he is.

There was a chance she could have magnetic rods “installed”, but unfortunately they did not fit.  This means surgery every 6-9 months, instead of a magnetic lengthening.  She had come through the surgery healthy, which was all that mattered.  She had two rods and eight screws installed.

The bone fusions will complete within 6 months.  Trying to get her to not twist and bend her back in the next 6 months is going to be so much fun. There are several things she will need to re-learn: how to bend over and bend with her knees and hips, instead of her back; how to stand up from laying/sitting in the middle of the floor/bed; sitting down to and standing up from a chair. Then of course still working on the skills she has not developed yet such as independent up/down stairs, jumping, running, etc. Patience is a virtue which I am still learning!

I am still working on finishing thank you calls/texts/messages/notes, but please know that our family appreciates all the kind words, thoughts and prayers that Vivian has received. They have not gone unnoticed.

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